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Welcome to my LiveJournal

Posted [sticky post] on 2014.08.21 at 00:00

M journal s friends only. Comment to be added please. Let me know where you know me from and why you want to be added. Also, I've recently cleaned my friend's list. If you were added and feel that you were removed by mistake, let me know. Thank You. All comments are screened.

I prefer to be added on Tumblr

For Fanfic: You can find various Star Trek 2009 fics with the pairings of Spock/Uhura, Kirk/McCoy, Kirk/Spock, Nero/Ayel and Spock/McCoy, Heroes Sylar/Peter, Avengers Thor/Loki, Tony/Jarvis and Vampire Diaries Damon/Bonnie. Please read and review. /

I was looking at this fandom secret


And the age old debate of how paying fan ARTISTS is okay but WRITER'S, it's not. Blah blah but art supplies cost money. What? Laptops, wifi bills and all of that doesn't cost money either? Instead of paying for art supplies, I'm paying for the author's mind if that makes sense. It makes me want to open back up my 'Fic for Cash' post again. Slash fic is everywhere. I like slash but there is a lot of het stuff I want fic for (well, smut) that's in short supply. I request het on kink memes, nothing. Fic exchanges, nothing. I seem to ONLY get the kind of fic I want when I pay for it via donation when there is a natural disaster and there is an auction for it.

I have no problem paying fan fic writers. Why shouldn't they make money too? Fan ARTIST take copyrighted stuff and are making money. Why is that okay vs written form? I don't understand that.

I'm willing to pay.

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Porn Battle XV – The Ides of Porn (dates)

Posted on 2014.01.13 at 05:30
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Originally posted by [personal profile] oxoniensis at Porn Battle XV – The Ides of Porn (dates)
Announcing the dates of the upcoming battle!

Porn Battle XV – The Ides of Porn
Prompts: Tuesday 21 January – 14:00 GMT Sunday 26 January 2014
Battle: Sunday 2 February – 20:00 GMT Thursday 13 February 2014

Porn Battle XV banner

(Note to previous volunteers: I'll be touch this week.)

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Almost Human Friending Meme on LJ

Posted on 2013.12.19 at 06:51
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My new favorite show.

(Click the pic to go to the meme.)

About You

Name: Vicky
Age: 30
Location: Virginia
Are you up to date with the show? Minus one ep, yes.

Almost Human

Who is your favourite Almost Human Actor: Michael Early. I find this interesting since I was watching this for Karl Cupid Vakko Cooper Bones John Grim Pathfinder Eomer Dredd Black Hat Urban. XD
Who is your favourite AH Male Character: Dorian. I blame the sass.
Who is your favourite AH Female Character: Captain Maldonado
Favourite AH Het Ship (if you have one): None
Favourite AH Slash Ship (if you have one): Jorian
Favourite AH Friend Ships:
Favourite AH Scene/Episode so far: When Dorian shows John something in the car. "Is that all for one person?!"
Do you write fanfiction or create arts/icons of AH? No, but I want to. Jorian is like Spones (Spock/McCoy) 2.0 for me.

Other Stuff

Other fandoms/tv shows: Star Trek reboot, bbc sherlock, teen wolf, marvel avengers, harry potter, supernatural, AHS, kpop
Other ships: Too many to list. I multiship in so many fandoms both het, slash, ot3s, ot+ and then some.
Favorite music Kpop and Jpop currently

Your Journal
Friends Only?: Yes
Your friending Policy?: I prefer to be added on tumblr. Tumblr is like a constant party post for me so I'm always reblogging things. I don't really talk there. You can add me via LJ but I don't post here often. Also let me know. I get a lot of bot adds on LJ. Also let me know if you add me on tumblr so I can check out your blog and add you back. Blog url is
How often do you post?: Maybe once a week on LJ. Daily on tumblr due to queues.

Anything else: (gifs, rec me an episode, season, fanfic or anything AH related or not you want to share)
Jorian is Spones 2.0 for me. Can you not see it? lol

I'm using Jorian because that's the common ship name I see it tagged as.

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Friending Meme

Posted on 2013.11.01 at 17:44
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Name Vicky
Age 30
Location Northern Virginia

Top 5 All time favorite Shows Sherlock, Xena, Hercules, Highlander: The Series, Sailor Moon
Top 5 Current Shows Scandal, Sherlock, Teen Wolf, Spn, and Heroes
Favourite ships! lol which fandom? I multiship. I like het, slash, poly, and even the rivals of ships. I ship it all! Even when there are internet unwritten laws that say I'm not allowed.
Three Characters you'd take to a desert island with you? Spock, Sherlock and Watson
5 Favourite Movies Bridget Jones, Mortal Kombat, Star Trek XI, Pacific Rim, and The Avengers
Do you read comics? Manga, yes but I don't know if you count that.

Do you Craft things? I write and do photography if that counts. I'm trying to learn calligraphy. I tried sewing since I'm into cosplay and doll collecting but it didn't stick.
How often do you read books? Not often. I love paranormal romance novels but there is never anything I want when I go to the book store. You can only read vampire/vampire hunter and whatever so many times. I just want a Lord of the Rings type novel but heavy on the romance.
What are your hobbies? photography, reading, writing, collecting and some sports like volleyball, badminton, boxing, and archery. I really wish I could find a fencing club or archery club around me. Or a SCA chapter. I also love, loooooooooooove going to conventions be it anime, scifi, gaming or comic book.
Do you have Pets? I have a cat now. Owned two cats, a snake, bird, fish, a turtle and a crab.

The internet
How often do you post? On which site? I save my journal for vents about fandom, depression, life, etc. I post there about a few times a week. Tumblr, I post there daily since it's like a free for all party post and relaxes me.
What do you post about? See above.
Do you fic? Icon? other? Yes.

Random Shizzle
Friending preferences? I don't mind adding people. I just need to know where they come from because I seemingly get random adds all the time. I have no idea if they are bots or what. As long as you have similar interests and aren't about ship war drama, which I vent about, we'll be good. Just let me know where you are adding me, as in tumblr, DW, LJ, or all of them.
Anything else that might be missed from above? Nope. Welcome. I hope you add me.
Pimp out your favorite comm! Just one? Hmm. [community profile] startrek_add_me, a friending comm.
GIF if you like Not a gif but a picture. This show needs to hurry up because I already ship it and want fic.

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Starfleet Jaeger Pilot Vicky

Posted on 2013.10.01 at 05:51
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Design your own Jaeger movie poster at

Other pics of mine:

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My Convention Schedule

Posted on 2013.09.16 at 12:39
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My Convention Schedule: Updated and Edited 9/16/2013
  • Cosplay Picnic 2013, hosted by the DC Anime Club (Washington, DC) 10/5/2013: Place and Ride not needed. Probably will take the Metro
  • Fabric Friends and Dolls BJD Trunk Show: (Gaithersburg, MD) 10/6/2013: Ride might be needed. Don't know if I want to make that long drive.
  • Atlanta BJD Convention (Atlanta, GA) 10/18/2013 - 10/20: Ride and Place to stay needed/wanted
  • Nekocon (Hampton, VA) 11/1/2013- 11/3 : Ride and Place to stay needed/wanted
  • Magfest (National Harbor, MD) 1/2/2014 - 1/5: No ride or place needed. Con is close
  • Katsucon (National Harbor, MD) 2/14/2014 - 2/16: No ride or place needed. Con is close.
  • Awesome Con DC (Washington, DC) 4/18/2014 - 4/20: Ditto
  • Cosplay Parade 2014, hosted by the DC Anime Club - 5/17/2014 : Place and Ride not needed. Probably will take the Metro
  • Animazement (Raleigh, NC) 5/23/1014 - 5/25: Ride and Place to stay needed/wanted
  • Anime Mid-Atlantic (Chesapeake, VA) 6/13/2014 - 6/15: Ride and Place to stay needed/wanted
  • Otakon (Baltimore, MD) 8/9/2013 - 8/11: Ride and Place to stay needed/wanted
  • Dragon Con (Atlanta, GA) 8/29/2014 - 9/1: Ride and Place to stay needed/wanted
  • Baltimore Comic Con (Baltimore, MD) 9/5/2014 - 9/7: Ride and Place to stay needed/wanted
  • Dollism Plus US (Buffalo, NY) 9/12/2014 - 9/14: Ride and Place to stay needed/wanted
  • Brony Con: Dates and location tba
  • Anime USA: ditto
  • Nekocon: ditto

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multifandom adding meme ♥

Posted on 2013.09.10 at 21:55
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multifandom adding meme ♥

Name: Vicky
You in a nutshell: Nerdy, trekkie, geek, video gamer, watcher of a highlander, hunter, sherlockian, cumberbatched, hordie, asmodian, slytherin, cosplayer, sailor senshi, bjd owner, fangirl, writer, virgo. There are many more that isn't listed.

Current/airing shows you watch: spn, teen wolf, bbc sherlock, elementary (le gasp you can like both!), star trek tng when it's on bbc, heroes on g4, vampire diaries, free swimming anime, and others.
Past/previously aired shows you watched: highlander, xena, hercules, star trek tos, voy, ds9, heroes, sailor moon
Pilots you are most excited for: being human, sleepy hollow and dracula
Favorite movie: Star Trek Reboot 09 (Bridget Jones a close second. I love Firth as Darcy. ANY Darcy.) Wait, I forgot about Pacific Rim. I love that movie!
The book you're currently reading: Attack on Titan. I frequent anime cons and I want to know what the fuss is about.
Ships: Het, Slash, OT3s, 4s, etc and rival ships. I like everything and multiship. I love kirk/spock, spock/uhura, spock/mccoy, kirk/mccoy, sherlock/john, sherlock/joan, sherlock/irene, duncan/methos, xena/ares, seiya/usagi to name a few.
Other fandom interests: I write fanfic from time to time both het and slash. I love fanart and have a million faves on dA. I often comission art of my favorite het ships because not many draw them for fun. Same with fic. :(

Your interests beside fandom: Ball Jointed Dolls, barbie collecting, sword collecting (Highlander's fault), archery, I want to do fencing and have thought about the SCA, photography, convention cosplay photography, asian fashion, asian music like jpop and kpop, gardening, cats, snakes, reading and trying to get my novel out of my head and onto paper.

What you hope for in people you add: I'm mainly on tumblr. I don't use it to talk. Tumblr is like a big party post or FFA full of gifs and stupid which I like. I save my journal for the ventings about fandom and my depression. I usually vent about hardcore shippers being annoying and how as a multishipper, I see both sides of ship wars. If you don't mind that, feel free to add me. I know some are protective of their ships and what not so they might not want to see my ventings. You can add me here, lj or tumblr ( Please let me know because I get a lot of bot adds and often don't add people back.

My pic from Dragon Con. I pointed up at him and he went "Yeah! We're number one!" I went "No, it's a Watcher tattoo. I'm pointing to you cause I'm a Watcher." The pic was the end result. XD

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Star Trek Reboot Poll

Posted on 2013.09.08 at 02:14
There is a poll going around on tumblr asking which is the biggest ship of the Reboot fandom. I’m posting the survey here to give the other ships a chance to vote since I’ve only seen it posted in ONE ship community. This survey is for fun. There is no winner or loser. Being the biggest doesn’t make it the best or the superior ship. I happen to multiship so I like so many anyway. You can vote more than once. I have no idea when it closes since it isn’t my poll.


Edit: You can keep track of the results at and clicking refresh.

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Posted on 2013.09.06 at 18:33
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multi-fandom friending meme

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